Working & Togetherness

For those who have been curious as to what I do with my time, I work. Work and work and work. With my day job taking up about 60 hours a week, I use whatever time I have left to create anything I can with leather or textiles, for personal projects or for Etsy. But I keep adding projects, collaborations, and side jobs to fill whatever else free time I might have.

So, why do I create all this work for my life?

Goals, relations, and fulfillment. I don't see it as work. Sure, it can be a grind and exhausting, but I wanted to become excellent at what I do and make the most out of my life.

But, it has not robbed me from becoming social.

Yesterday, it was my absolute honor to be assisting a photographer in an art studio in Los Angeles. I have been meeting the most incredible, heartwarming, and inspiring people, and it only makes me want to continue what I have been doing. A woman with a beautiful soul had decided to cook the most amazing stew that I have ever had in this art studio, and sent everyone on their way when we were done with our job.

My soul is filled with amazing people and art.

Be kind to people. You don't know who will need it the most.

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