Custom Projects Policies

Thank you very much for considering using me to help create that special piece or project to match your creative vision. Whether it's for a special occasion like a wedding, a cosplay, or smaller pieces to tie an outfit together, we can work together to make sure that something extraordinary can be accomplished. My attention to detail and headstrong desire to accomplish quality work will ensure that the project will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

  1. Estimation and quotes on each project will vary between each, and will be reflected on the final contract.

  2. Contract signed by client and myself will include a detailed list of tasks that I agreed to accomplish (fabric purchasing, pattern drafting, costume construction, etc), a payment agreement and information, contact information, and deadline.

  3. Outside sourcing is available, and is reflected on the final contract. It won't be used unless there is approval. This includes, but not limited to: additional seamstresses, 3D modeling, 3D printing, artwork, printing, molding, casting, electronics, etc.

  4. If client has materials that they want to provide, it must be approved.

  5. If, at any point, items need to be shipped, the client needs to provide postage and packaging costs. International clients are responsible for additional taxes and tariffs.

  6. Rush projects are an additional cost, and is reflected on the final contract.

  7. Regular and consistent updates can and will be provided through me, either through email or text. 

  8. Once the product is finished and the client receives the product, the contract is completed. Any further alterations after the finished product is in the clients hands can be done at additional cost. Any damages once in the clients hands can be fixed at additional cost. 

  9. I own two cats, and they are very lovely creatures :).

  10. After client has obtained costume, there are no returns.

Pricing and Cancelations

  1. An estimate is not the final cost. The final cost is agreed and signed upon between the client, any additional involving parties, and myself.

  2. Price scheduling and down payments can be adjusted and I can be willing to work with the client.

  3. Once the contract is signed, a down payment is required within one week to cover time spent and the start of purchasing of materials.

  4. After two weeks, any cancelation will result in the termination of the contract. No refund or materials will be returned. If materials were provided by the client, it can only be returned if the materials have not been already altered in any other way, which includes but not limited to: cutting, dyed, sewed, riveted, etc. Postage costs must be provided by the client.

Updated January 13th, 2020

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